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Culture’s Critical Impact

The Stanmar Difference

  • Jump-start inactive project

  • Study project site and program options

  • Analyze past, over-budget project attempts

  • Expand program within established budget

  • Implement strategic partnership with board

  • Evaluate existing quad expansion options

  • Position for fundraising and community support

  • Serve as planning, design, and construction partner

  • Clarify programmatic needs

  • Deliver project on budget and schedule

Project Overview

The Cambridge School of Weston (CSW) is known for active, experiential learning within a modular curriculum designed to accommodate and inspire individual students' interests. Culturally, varsity athletics are not an emphasis at CSW. Leadership recognized that a new health and fitness center could both reinforce the positive connection between exercise and mental health as well as help develop a well-rounded student body.

CSW had worked with other architectural firms on this project, but struggled to balance the site, program, cost, and message of the project. CSW then reached out to Stanmar. Engaged for an initial study, we opened up the campus by siting the new athletic facility on the lower campus. This solved both campus-wide congestion and future development issues while placing the facility adjacent to outdoor fields.

By understanding the school’s true needs, not just their immediate athletic programming deficiencies, Stanmar’s design solution expanded the facility’s focus to include dance and creative movement spaces, as well as providing lounge space for the entire student population. Stanmar right-sized the overall program mix to deliver this expanded use of the facility while staying on budget. Our solution has enabled an expanded upper campus; the vacated, former gymnasium is now a maker’s space that fits seamlessly with the rest of the programming on the academic quad. The health and fitness center successfully brings all of CSW’s constituencies together to build a brighter future.


I enjoyed working with Stanmar because we had a shared goal. We wanted to build the best building for CSW and I feel very proud of the building that we built together.

Julie Johnstone

Assistant Head of School, Cambridge School of Weston

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