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The Many Definitions of Sustainability


Stanmar’s approach to every project starts with understanding how the project fits into the client's overall business plan. Once we understand how the building will help sustain the client’s operations, we also examine how sustainability fits into the client’s culture. Sustainability is not just "green design," but also evaluating the program to determine the building footprint requirements that can result in less build square footage and lower operating costs.

A case in point: our affiliate company, Little Gem Resorts (LGR), faced an existential problem—finding seasonal staff for our two Massachusetts hotel properties. To solve this issue, LGR looked south to an opposite-season domestic location to find a third property that would enable our seasonal staff to transfer between properties for each respective season. This would make LGR’s business more sustainable. Hence, LGR’s Lovango Resort + Beach Club project was conceived.

LGR purchased a 40-acre parcel on a private, off-the-grid island called Lovango Cay in the U.S. Virgin Islands, right off the coast of St. John. The Lovango Resort + Beach Club’s first phase was all about infrastructure—everything from deciding between solar and wind power to cisterns and desalinization plants. It was an incredible opportunity for our LGR and Stanmar teams to work together to balance initial versus operating costs for a true eco-resort while being very cost-disciplined.

This eco-resort was made possible by starting from an analysis of what could drive a more operationally sustainable business into the future. While this is a large-scale project, we work with clients to find big and small victories every day. Building a two-court (rather than three-court gym) after a rigorous evaluation of program needs is an incredibly sustainable decision resulting in less build square footage, reduced operating costs, less maintenance costs, and more fiscal freedom for a client to spend on other needs.

Stanmar believes a sustainable building is tied to a sustainable business and operation. It is not until both avenues are explored that sustainability-friendly opportunities reveal themselves.

Oliver Snider, President

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